Where Are Your
Health Care Documents

When You Need Them Most?

In an emergency, you are rushed to the hospital.
Will the doctors and medical staff have access to your
Advanced Directive for Health Care? With DocuClub,
they have 24/7 access to the answers they need.

Your home filing cabinet is not easily accessible by medical professionals during an emergency!

You made important decisions when creating your Advanced Directive for Health Care (i.e. Living Will or Healthcare Power of Attorney). Your doctors need to know your desires for medical decisions ASAP!

Give Yourself Peace of Mind in Case of an Emergency

With the DocuClub app, you have 24/7 access to your critical medical information and documents – even without a Wifi connection: NAME, ALLERGIES, and MEDICAL CONDITIONS! The app also allows you or a designated family member to provide medical professionals with QUICK and EASY access to a copy of your documents and medical history.

Clients who prefer web access can also login to our new web portal here.

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